Glazing Professional

Glass and Windows are some of the biggest focal points of any home or commercial building. If you are a person who takes pride in their work and likes to stand back and see your accomplishments at the end of the day glazing may be the fit for you. Glaziers work on everything from large commercial buildings to custom mirrors and showers in residential projects. As a Glazier you work with all different types of glass and every project offers different challenges. 

Average Yearly Salary

$37 - $75K


Tape measure, Suction cups, Laser level, Glass cutter, Hand tools,

Construction Skills

Enjoys a challenge and variety of projects, likes a good view, not afraid of heights, physically fit and detail oriented, able to think outside the box.


  • Work on large residential and commercial projects.
  • See a finished product at the end of the day.
  • Glass is the main focus of most buildings.
  • Exciting work environment
  • Glaziers are always in high demand

Training Path

  • Introduction to Craft Skills
  • Glazier Level 1
  • Glazier Level 2
  • Glazier Level 3
  • Glazier Level 4