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Construction companies should consider looking at recruiting the same way you acquire customers. Through marketing and consistent communication to your community, you illustrate what your company offers. The same goes for the careers you create. If you are not telling people what you offer as an employeer how can you expect to attarct the best candidates. Contact Ground Up Careers today and start creating your inbound recruiting process.


It takes time to attract the right people that have the qualifications, experience and attitude you need for your company. You cannot expect to put a job ad up for 30 days and hope that magically the perfect fit for the role you are hiring happens to be looking at the same time. It's just not realistic. In order to attract the right people for your team it takes time and the propper message. Our constant messaging of great companies, great benefits and opportunity for advancement attracts hundreds of applicants everyday.

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Ground Up Careers takes the time to pre-screen every candidate. Our process includes: * Initial Interview * Work History/Experience * Reference Checks * Career Goals This process allows us to ensure we match them with the best possible company and job opportunity. This also allows you as the business owner to know that when we send you a candidate you can be confident they will be a good fit for your team.

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Ground Up Careers does our best to ensure we send you well qualified candidates that will fit within your team. If for any reason, within 90 days, the match does not work out we will replace that candidate with another one free of charge. We guarantee all hires and will continue to work with you until you have the team you need to build your business.

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Having benefits is key to attracting the right team for your company. There is a war for talent, if you want to win the battle for key employees it's vital you offer benefits above and beyond good pay. Ground Up Careers has a variety of partners to help you add key benefits you need to attract top talent.

Key Benefits: * Health Insurance * 401K Retirement Planning * Succession Planning * Training/Development * Paid Time Off * Paid Holidays

Having a clear understanding of the roles you need for your company to run its best is critical to your success. Along with that is the need for clear and concise job descriptions. Ground Up Careers can help you identify necessary roles and responsibilities in your company and write job descriptions that are clear and concise. Taking the time to do a workforce assessment helps you understand where you are with your team and the roles you need to fill as your company continues to grow.

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Have you asked your employees what goals they have in their career. Have you thought about your key employees and how they play a role in the future of your business? Having these conversations will allow you and your team to build a relationship that is long lasting and built on a platform of success for both of you. It also gives you the opportunity to plan for the growth of your employees through training.. Ground Up Careers will help you develop a succession plan for your current key employees.

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Unfortunately you cannot rely on anyone else to develop and train the next generation of Trade Professionals. It is up to you, the business owner, to develop and train the future trade professionals for your business. Starting a training program might seem extremely costly and overwhelming. Ground Up Careers has the resources to help you build a custom training program that is specific to your company. If you are looking to develop and train your team, Ground Up has you covered.

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Having propper HR Policies in place is critical in this day and age. Most construction businesses do not have the proper paperwork, policies or procedures in place. Not having these systems in place can leave you vulnerable for lawsuits and issues with employees. Ground Up Careers has partnerships with great HR Companies that can help get your HR under control.

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Do you have a written Safety Program? Is it kept up to date, is it implemented? If not, you should seriously consider putting together a safety program. Having a written safety program can save injuries and down time along with saving you fines from OSHA. Ground Up Careers believes in a safe work environment and having a safe workplace can also help you attract key employees.

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The Next Generation

Educating the next generation about the multitude of career opportuities in the construction industry. Showcasing the best companies that offer the best opportuities for a succesful career in consruction.


Skilled Tradespeople

Existing Trade Professionals hold more knowlegde and information that ever before in history. This needs to be passed on the the next generation through training and career development.


The Future of Construction

Technology is shaping the way we build the future. Ground Up Careers is leading the way in construction education and training.