Mobile Crane Operator

Trade Career Details

Would you like moving heavy material with the flick of a joystick? Mobile Crane Operators use cranes to move construction materials to very specific locations throughout the site using nothing more than the equipment and a joystick. Communicating with the construction team crane operators pick up and organize heavy loads of construction material and equipment all over the site. 

Average Yearly Salary

$47K - 70K+


Mobile crane, Calculator for weight calculations.


Patient, good listening skills, math skills, enjoys a challenge, laser focus


  • Work on a variety of projects.
  • Work outdoors
  • Move important material into place
  • Intricate and detailed work environment
  • Mobile Crane Operators are in high demand

Training Path

  • Introduction to Craft Skills
  • Mobile Crane Operator Level 1
  • Mobile Crane Operator Level 2
  • Mobile Crane Operator Level 3