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The future of the construction industry is dependent on both skilled professionals and great companies. Neither can be successful without the other. Skilled professionals who want to build a successful career in construction deserve a great company to work for. Companies that appreciate their employees and provide benefits, training, and opportunity for advancement deserve great people. Ground Up Careers is focused on connecting great people with great companies. Ground Up Careers is focused on connecting great people with great companies. Contact us, browse candidates and companies today!

Our Vision


Joshua Munns
Joshua Munns

"I truly believe that good companies deserve the best employees. My focus is to help great companies attract the best employees. Unfortunately there are more "bad" companies than good and the bad companies are pushing more and more people away from a career in construction".

Josh Denton

"We are here to help companies build a workforce for the future of construction. I believe companies that build a strong company culture through safety and training, offer benefits and opportunity for advancement are the future of our industry."


To help talented people build successful careers with great companies.

Ground Up Careers was created to bring attention and change to the construction industry.

Partner and founder Joshua Munns, as a subcontractor in the construction industry, has watched the craft workforce shrink as the narrative did not support the true success available in the skilled trades. Companies that treat their employees poorly have tainted the indusrty and pushed people away from a carer in construction. The industry is changing and more and more companies are focused on company culture, training, career advancement and offering benefits. These companies are the future of the construction industry.

Ground Up Careers is focused on inspiring a new Skilled Trades Workforce and raising awareness to the companies that are building careers for the future of this amazing industry.


For Companies

As an industry we can fix the lack of interest in construction careers. As a partner with Ground Up Careers you are supporting a narrative that there are successful careers in construction. You support this narrative by showcasing the careers, benefits and training your organization provides to build careers in construction. Together we can build the workforce for the future of construction.


For Skilled Professionals

The experience and knowledge currently in the construction industry is as strong as it has ever been. Ground Up wants to help pass this knowledge on to the next generation by working with the existing trade professionals to pass on these skills through on the job training and online based training. Our current workforce is our strongest training partner.


For Next Generation

The construction industry has a very bright future. Advancements in technology, off-site construction and component construction are shaping the future of our indystry. Companies are now offering amazing benefits, great pay and more oppirtunity than ever. If you are interested in starting a career in construction Ground Up Careers will help you find the perfect fit for a successful career in construction.