Insulation Professional

Trade Career Details

Insulators work on both residential and commercial projects installing all different types of insulation. Insulation is sprayed on, blown in, wrapped around HVAC systems and piping. With new green building regulations and the need for high efficiency buildings insulation technologies are always improving. Insulators help bring the entire envelope of the building together to provide a comfortable and efficient building for people to enjoy for years. 

Average Yearly Salary

$35k - 55k+


Blower Machines, Spray foam machines, Hand tools, Safety mask


Likes working with different types of equipment, enjoys a different task and working on a variety of projects, detail oriented, is not afraid of small spaces.


  • Work on large residential and commercial projects.
  • Work with your hands.
  • Learn new technologies in energy efficiency.
  • Work with a team
  • Insulators are in high demand

Training Path

  • Introduction to Craft Skills
  • Mechanical Insulating Level 1
  • Mechanical Insulating Level 2
  • Mechanical Insulating Level 3