Electronic Systems Technician Professional

Do you like challenges and fixing problems? If you like technology and making things work being an Electrictronic Technician could be the career for you.  Systems Technicians work on both residential and commercial projects installing and fixing electrical systems, AV Systems, voice & Data lines and anything else that requires electricity to work. 

Average Yearly Salary

$37K - 67K+


Laptop Computer, Voltage detector, Head lamp, Hand tools

Construction Skills

Computer Skills, Problem Solver, Critical Thinking, Troubleshooting Skills, Good Hand Eye Coordination, Enjoys working on different tasks.


  • Work on a variety of projects.
  • Variety of Career opportunities
  • Work with new technologies
  • Get to do different task throughout the day
  • Clean work environment
  • Ability to run your own projects
  • Electronic Systems Technicians are high demand

Training Path

  • Introduction to Craft Skills
  • EST Level 1
  • EST Level 2
  • EST Level 3
  • EST Level 4