Ironworker Professional

Outgoing? Daredevil? If you like heights and are not afraid of anything then Ironworking may be the fit for you. Ironworkers install the mainframe of large commercial buildings setting huge steel beams hundreds of feet in the air. If you are looking for an exciting career that can take you to the top check out the opportunities Ironworking offers.

Average Yearly Salary

$42K - 60K+


Large wrenches, Welding equipment, Tape measure, Hand tools, Fall protection gear

Construction Skills

Have a variety of construction skills, Detail Oriented, Critical Thinking, Troubleshooting Skills, Good Hand Eye Coordination, Great Balance, Not Afraid of Heights, Good Physical Health, Enjoys working with large equipment and large projects.


  • Work on large commercial projects.
  • Work outdoors
  • Work with a team
  • Get to do different task throughout the day
  • Exciting work environment
  • Ironworkers are in high demand

Training Path

  • Introduction to Craft Skills
  • Ironworker level 1
  • Ironworker level 2
  • Ironworker level 3