Heavy Equipment, Operator Professional

Like playing in the dirt? Heavy Equipment Operators have the most fun. Operators get to drive all the big machinery you see on every type of jobsite like dump trucks, backhoes and huge forklifts.

Average Yearly Salary

$35K - 50K+


Radios, Eye and ear protection, Heavy equipment machinery, Plans

Construction Skills

Great Communication Skills, Critical Thinking, Good Hand Eye Coordination, Good Physical Health, Enjoys working with all types of equipment, Team Player


  • Work on a variety of projects like mining, road construction and building.
  • Variety of career opportunities
  • Get to do different task throughout the day
  • Ability to run your own projects
  • Machines do most of the hard work

Training Path

  • Heavy Equipment Operator Level 1
  • Heavy Equipment Operator Level 2
  • Heavy Equipment Operator Level 3
  • Introduction to Craft Skills