Craft Laborer

Are you looking for a career that can take you anywhere you want to go? Everybody has to start somewhere and being a craft laborer allows you to work on all types of projects so you can see which career path fits you the best. Once you learn the basics of construction and decide which path you want to take the options are endless.  

Average Yearly Salary

$31,200 - $38K


Tape measure, Hammers, Saws, Hand Tools.

Construction Skills

A desire to learn all about construction, Hard Worker, Enjoys a challenge, Good Hand Eye Coordination, Good Physical Health, Enjoys working on different tasks.


  • Work on a variety of projects.
  • Work indoors or outdoors
  • Variety of career Opportunities
  • Stay in good physical shape
  • Get to do different task throughout the day
  • Unlimited options to move up in Construction

Training Path

  • Craft Laborer Level 1
  • Introduction to Craft Skills