The Loved One: It’s Time for “The Talk”

When was the last time you had “the talk” with your loved one?

Oh, wait.. not that talk… but one equally important.

You probably worry most about your friend or loved one’s safety on the job – which is understandable – but something of equal significance, and often less discussed, is whether they are on a good career path. It’s time to have the talk with your loved one about the future of their career in the construction industry.

Remember when you used to go home for the holidays and aunt Millie would drill you about grades, then college, then your first real job, and then settling down and starting a family? It seemed like it was an endless barrage of unsolicited well-meaning advice. You knew your family cared about your future. You knew (and still know) they have your back.


After your brother/uncle/sister took that well-paying job in the construction industry when was the last time you checked on them to see how things were going?

Not just the day to day stuff, but to see if it was the best job as part of an overall career path? Let’s be honest, you had to stuff your eyeballs back in your head after they told you the pay, and that was the end of the conversation.

While compensation is an important factor in laying the foundation of a career, it’s time to be like aunt Millie and let them know you are looking out for them and their future. That was why she asked you all the “milestone” questions when you were younger. She wanted to make sure you kept pursuing goals; goals that hopefully put you on the path of happiness and to fulfilling your dreams.

So it’s time to ask those tough questions.

Is your loved one working for the right company?

How do they know?

Do they get benefits, retirement plans, is there on-going training, and do they know what’s next in their career?


If they know all the answers and have a plan, great! However, the likely scenario is a shoulder shrug followed by an “I don’t know,” or “I haven’t really thought about it.” If they can’t answer those questions, it is time to sound the alarm.

It’s kind of an unspoken truism that people have a natural tendency to protect the people they love and then sort of fall short when it comes to their own needs. Your loved one may be complacent in their current job because it is comfortable, or the pay is good, or simply because they don’t know what is out there or what they are supposed to do next.

We all know that developing a career comes with genuinely putting yourself out there. It’s about searching for things greater than putting dollars in the bank account. It takes the pain of learning new skills, networking, the willingness to fail, or facing rejection. It is about knowing what the end game looks like and doing the research to find employers and jobs that help you align your goals and your career path.

The reality is, this is not your dad’s construction industry.

Your loved one does not have to work in the field forever, but they may not know that. Moving up is not something talked about in many places in the construction industry. It’s an open secret that offering training to employees gives them the ability to move up, but it also means they are vulnerable to poaching from other companies or may gain enough skills to venture out on their own. HAVE THIS CONVERSATION. It’s like any other job. Your career trajectory is in your hands, and that requires on-going training and acquiring new skills. Not only does a good employer encourage this because it is good for employees, but they have a vested interest in an engaged and skillful workforce.

In having this conversation with your loved one, you may find they dislike their current job and know they want something different – but stay because it is easy which can be worse than not really having a plan for the future. This type of thinking can be dangerous – life moves fast, and one day you wake up and realize opportunity has passed you by.

Wishing doesn’t produce results.

Sometimes we set our own professional ceiling without realizing it.

That’s where you come in – it’s time to remind your loved one that while that hammer can hit the nail on the head, it can also be used to crack that ceiling.

Ready to have “the talk” but don’t know much about the construction industry?

We are here to help! Check out our website to find training opportunities, education, and to connect with companies that believe in investing in people.

Josh Munns
Joshua Munns grew up in the construction industry differently than most, his Mom, Mary Davis, started a window company as a single mom when he was just 4 years old in 1983. Having a mom who was starting a business in the construction industry at only 23 years old made for some very interesting days. Fast forward 24 years to 2007 I took over the family business just in time for the Recession which hit my business extremely hard. I spent the next 11 years rebuilding the business, rebuilding my workforce and completely reshaping the company. In 2018 I sold the business to focus my energy on my passion, building careers in construction. In 2018 I founded Ground Up Careers to help business owners and employees build careers together. The career does not exist with the employer and the employer does not exist without the career. When employees and employers work together the end result is amazing. By building a strong company culture, offering great benefits and career paths for my employees I was able to build the business back stronger than ever. I did it and I want to help other owners take that step to take their business to the next level. It is an amazing feeling and a great privilege to be able to provide people with great careers.

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