The Art of Construction: The Changing Workforce

Munns and I were honored to kick off our Deep Dive Series with Devon Tilly of The Art of Construction.

In this episode, we look at the ever changing workforce and how owners need to be proactive in their ability to create culture, recruit and appreciate their teams. We discuss how retention is a result of company culture and how succession planning will your key to future success. 

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This snippet is from the podcast about how construction owners need to remember that they have created a vision , but also have a team that is part of that vision.

Be Proud, but Be Humble in your employees. 


Additional episodes will be coming with more insight on how Ground Up Careers is your partner in year round recruiting and how companies are seeing foreseeable change  in how we recruit, train, retain and hire our workforce in construction.

Josh Denton
Co Founder of Ground Up Careers. Josh Denton came to the world of construction through a broad career in consumer goods, specifically in the Action Sports Industry. He was surrounded by career minded leaders that lead him to project management in construction for retail locations globally. Through this experience he was exposed to the amazing professionals in construction and the talents they hold. As he witnessed amazing careers in construction he also realized that this was not a career path actively spoken about. This was solidified as he became the GM for a contractor. Professional glaziers and installers surrounded him yet none of them considered themselves the professionals that they are. He partnered with Josh Munns to change that narrative and bring a spotlight back to the strong careers that exist in construction.

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