Tower Crane Operator

Take your career to the next level, the top! Tower Crane Operators sit atop the construction sites moving material to all different areas of the site. Utilizing great communication, crane operators make calculations for size and weight to ensure a safe moving of all types of materials and equipment. Enjoy the view!!

Average Yearly Salary

$ 70K - 80K+


Crane, Lunch box (you stay up there all day)

Construction Skills

Patient, good listening skills, math skills, enjoys a challenge, laser focus


  • Work on a variety of projects.
  • Work outdoors
  • Move important material into place
  • Intricate and detailed work environment
  • Tower Crane Operators are in high demand

Training Path

  • Introduction to Craft Skills
  • Mobile Crane Operations
  • Basic Rigger
  • Intermediate Rigger
  • Advanced Rigger
  • Signal Person
  • Tower Crane Operator