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All in for Construction

Ground Up Careers is helping companies across the construction industry foster a strong, safe and well-trained workforce. We are construction professionals who feel the pain our industry is facing everyday.

About Platform

Joshua Munns

co-founder of Ground Up Careers

"Ground Up Careers came about in a meeting with my team discussing how we were going to get more people interested in working for my subcontracting company. For over 33 years J & L Windows and nvision Glass have always trained our own construction workforce with on the job training and promoted within our organization. This concept is not necessarily a new idea, the most successful construction companies have always taken this approach."

Josh Denton

co-founder of Ground Up Careers

"We are here to help companies build a workforce for the future of construction by providing a platform to train existing employees, recruit new employees and build a strong company culture through safety and training."


To bring attention & change to the Construction Industry

Ground Up Careers was created to bring attention and change to the construction industry. Partner and founder Joshua Munns, as a subcontractor in the construction industry, has watched the craft workforce shrink as the narrative did not support the true success available in the skilled trades. Along with an aging skilled trades workforce, the construction pipeline has deteriorated to a point that is causing strain on schedules and a rise on building costs.

Ground Up Careers is focused on inspiring a new Skilled Trades Workforce and raise awareness to the careers that exist in this amazing trade.

Why GroundUp Careers

for Companies

As an industry we can fix the lack of interest in construction careers. As a partner with Ground Up Careers you are supporting a narrative that there are successful careers in construction. You support this narrative by showcasing the careers, benefits and training your organization provides to build careers in construction. Together we can build the workforce for the future of construction.

for Workers

The experience and knowledge currently in the construction industry is as strong as it has ever been. Ground Up wants to help pass this knowledge on to the next generation by working with the existing trade professionals to pass on these skills through on the job training and online based training. Our current workforce is our strongest training partner.

for Next Generation

The next generation of skilled tradespeople will learn the trades through on the job training paired with online courses to facilitate a faster and better understanding of the industry.

Connecting the People of Construction

Through Ground Up Careers we will connect Employers with trained craftspeople through a web platform that creates a synergy between them. Employers will have the opportunity to tell potential candidates about their company, current / past projects, benefits offered and what career opportunities are available. By actively recruiting year-round, employers will ensure they are visible to candidates at all times.

"You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality."

Together we'll change
the Future of Construction

It is time for the world to recognize the professionalism that truly exists in the construction industry. Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians, Masons and every other trade have professionally built the homes and buildings that each of us live and work in . It is time we change the narrative and begin calling our skilled tradespeople professionals as they are. There is not a single building where doctors, lawyers or other "professional" people live or work that was not professionally built by skilled Tradespeople.

It’s time to change construction from the Ground Up.

Build Your Career Build Your Workforce