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Mobile Crane Operator

Would you like moving heavy material with the flick of a joystick? Mobile Crane Operators use cranes to move construction materials to very specific locations throughout the site using nothing more than the equipment and a joystick. Communicating with the construction team crane operators pick up and organize heavy loads of construction material and equipment all over the site. 

Check out the Mobile Crane Operator Career opportunities available and start building your career today.

Trade Career Details

Average Yearly Salary

$47K - 70K+


  • Mobile crane
  • Calculator for weight calculations

Construction Skills

Patient, good listening skills, math skills, enjoys a challenge, laser focus


  • Work on a variety of projects.
  • Work outdoors
  • Move important material into place
  • Intricate and detailed work environment
  • Mobile Crane Operators are in high demand


Construction Training Path

Introduction to Craft Skills Mobile Crane Operator Level 1 Mobile Crane Operator Level 2 Mobile Crane Operator Level 3
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