About us


To change the narrative around Construction Careers.

Ground Up Careers was created to change the negative narrative that has followed construction for far too long. Construction was not an industry that came to mind when looking to build a long term career, shocking, I know. . It has always been thought of as a fall back job. The perception around jobs in construction has not been very positive but that is all changing and it's about time. The future of construction careers looks completely different than it did just 5 years ago. Companies are offering full paid benefits, training, succession planning and even retirement plans, it is not the old school industry it once was. Technology, Offsite Construction and investments in innovation are changing the future of construction. Our mission is to highlight the companies that are shaping the future of construction careers so we can start to attract more people into the construction industry. We have a better story to tell and we believe that will help attract the next generation to consider a career in construction.
Ground Up Careers was created to bring attention and change to the construction industry. Partner and founder Joshua Munns, as a subcontractor in the construction industry, has watched the craft workforce shrink as the narrative did not support the true success available in the skilled trades. Along with an aging skilled trades workforce, the construction pipeline has deteriorated to a point that is causing strain on schedules and a rise on building costs.

Ground Up Careers is focused on inspiring a new Skilled Trades Workforce and raise awareness to the careers that exist in this amazing trade.

Josh Munns

Cofounder Josh Munns of Ground Up Careers


Everything starts with construction.  I have been in the industry my entire life and I believe there are unlimited opportunities to build a career in construction.

Whenever I walk around a big city, drive over a beautiful bridge or visit a great restaurant I cannot help but appreciate the hard work it took to create places we all get to enjoy.  The best part of construction for me is the ability to stand back and say “I Built That”.

Not everyone can drive on a road, look at a house or a commercial building and experience the pride knowing you had your part in creating the world we live in. I think there is something very special about working in construction and I hope that our business will inspire the next generations to build a career in construction.

Joshua Denton

I fell into this industry.

And I am so glad I did. Construction became the fabric of my career with Oakley Retail (yea the sunglasses). Was mentored and surrounded by an amazing construction division who began teaching me the ropes. I was exposed to the world that we all take for granted. 

The trades were not new to me. My upbringing was in the automotive industry with a grandfather who was a mechanic and my father as well. Through most of college I was wrenching while going doing my studies. Learned how important our trade professional careers are to this world.

My passion is to turn careers on its head. Show the amazing professions that exist in construction and how they can shape and grow. The time is now to slow the debt race to education and start building careers from the GROUND UP.

Why GroundUp Careers

for Construction Companies

As an industry we can fix the lack of interest in construction careers. As a partner with Ground Up Careers you are supporting a narrative that there are successful careers in construction.

You support this narrative by showcasing the careers, benefits and training your organization provides to build careers in construction. Together we can build the workforce for the future of construction.

for Trade Professionals

We want to ensure our current Trade Professionals work for a company that values them for who they are.  Our goal is to connect Trade Professionals with Construction Companies who are employee focused. Companies that focus on training, succession planning and offer benefits are shaping the future of construction careers.  We believe that the future of construction careers is here, we will help you find a company that you can build a long term career with.

for Next Generation

The best way to build a long term career is to work for a company that will invest in your training.  We aim to help the next generation understand the industry and help them find a company to build a career with.  We want to provide as much information as possible to the next generation so they will see the opportunities that exist in the construction industry.  Whether you want to learn a trade or start your own business ground Up Careers is your resource for all things construction. 

“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.”

Walt Disney

Together we'll change the Future of Construction

It is time for the world to recognize the professionalism that truly exists in the construction industry.

Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians, Masons and every other trade have professionally built the homes and buildings that each of us live and work in.

It is time we change the narrative and begin calling our skilled tradespeople professionals as they are.

There is not a single building where doctors, lawyers or other “professional” people live or work that was not professionally built by skilled Tradespeople.

It’s time to change construction from the Ground Up.